Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Lincoln, Nebraska   |   Full Time

Do you enjoy developing novel solutions to complex problems? Are you a self-starter who likes to collaborate with team members across disciplines? Do you thrive when you can influence the technical direction and decisions of your company? Do you have an adventurous spirit eager to join an early-stage start-up?

Marble, a technology company founded to advance sustainable global food security, is seeking a full-time Computer Vision Engineer who is not afraid of a challenge, is an eager and creative problem solver, and is passionate about building technology solutions that transform an industry.  As a part of the Marble team, you'll help develop the next generation of tools and robotics for food production, bringing resilience to the food supply chain.

If this sounds like you and you have the skills listed below, we encourage you to apply! Go to to learn more.

A Day in the Life of a Computer Vision Engineer at Marble:

As a Computer Vision Engineer on the Marble team, you will be responsible for developing computer vision algorithms to integrate into robotic and industrial platforms for automating tasks in meat processing. 

Your insight and expertise will be crucial to the development of the products we build and will influence decisions on architecture.  You'll join a growing team of experts in engineering, robotics, software development, agribusiness, and meat science who you’ll collaborate with as you apply the latest advancements in computer vision technology to pressing issues in meat processing.  You’ll also frequently work with customers and external stakeholders as part of our customer-focused approach to development of our cutting-edge solutions.  You can expect to talk to customers about their challenges and partner with them to test our solutions.

You will be an early member of the technical team at Marble, and will have the opportunity to influence our technical direction as we work towards proving and unveiling our work to the world. 

Qualities We’re Looking for:

  • Takes initiative 

  • Inventive

  • Inquisitive and eager to learn

  • Open to feedback

  • Adaptable

  • Results-oriented

What You Must Have:

  • 5+ years of full-time professional experience in computer vision

  • Sound knowledge of machine learning algorithms, principles and their application

  • Experience working with Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Familiarity with TensorFlow or PyTorch deep learning frameworks

  • Good understanding of object detection and models (YOLO, RCNN, and Mask-RCNN)

  • Significant working knowledge of Python, including best practices for testing, documentation, and version control using Git

  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in a related field

Additional Experience We’d Like You to Have:

  • Experience with Google Colaboratory

  • Familiarity with OpenCV

  • Working knowledge of docker containers

  • Experience with agile software development

  • Familiarity with GitHub

  • Experience with continuous integration and delivery (DevOps)

  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)

  • Experience with pose estimation, structure from motion, object tracking, and image registration

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Cambridge, MA - US or Lincoln, NE - US

Marble’s home bases are in Cambridge, MA and Lincoln, NE.  We believe in getting together with team members and visiting customer sites to build relationships, whiteboard ideas, and deliver great solutions.  Team members can expect occasional travel for in-person meetings and site visits. 

Marble is an equal opportunity employer. We understand the power of a diverse team, celebrate differences, and promote inclusion.

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